Primarily educational, the Chorus provides choral music education and performance opportunities to all interested singers, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race, religion, or economic background. Through singing and performance, Chorus participants achieve high artistic standards and develop discipline, responsibility, teamwork, poise, and self-confidence. No singer is denied participation due to a lack of economic resources and tuition assistance is available.

Benefits of Choral Music  

Experience has shown that children who participate in performing arts enhance their verbal and language skills, have higher grades, score better on standardized tests, have better attendance records, and are active in community affairs.  These students improve their overall school performance and develop an elevated level of self-esteem, poise, and confidence.    


Membership in the Chorus is open to interested students regardless of gender, race, religion, economic background, or ethnic origin.

  • Chorus: Singers in grades 4 – 8
  • Singenspiel: Singers in grades 2 – 3
  • Karussell Kids: Singers in Kindergarten and first grade
  • Brenham Broadway Kids (BBK): Singers in grades 5 – 8

Children and youth from all economic and ethnic backgrounds are encouraged to enroll. No prior singing or performance experience is required. Membership qualifications:            

            ♪ Sing with a clear tone

            ♪ Sing in tune

            ♪ Demonstrate a good sense of rhythm

            ♪ Self-disciplined and attentive behavior

            ♪ Positive attitude

            ♪ Commit to a one-year membership


Tuition and Tuition Assistance  

Tuition is charged according to the schedule approved by the Board of Trustees. Tuition assistance is available by application for those children who qualify based on economic need.  The Board of Trustee’s policy is that no child will be denied Chorus participation because of lack of economic resources


The Chorus performs regularly for civic, cultural, and private events as approved by the Board of Trustees. In addition to performing major concerts in the Brenham area, the Chorus also travels to other communities, and has traveled to other states. This travel allows the Chorus to represent the quality of life in our area as reflected through our children and gives our children an opportunity to gain important social skills.  


The Chorus learns and performs music as selected by the Chorus Director. The selections may include secular and sacred choral compositions from the Renaissance to Romantic, from contemporary to pop, and from international folk songs to Broadway selections.  


The Chorus is not affiliated with any religious or political group but does receive support from institutions that are involved with children, their education, training, and life experiences.  The Chorus is a non-profit organization and qualifies as a tax-exempt organization by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Act. It is incorporated under the laws of the State of Texas, and the policies are set by an independent Board of Trustees.

  Board of Trustees  

The policies and financial and legal affairs of the Chorus are managed by the Board of Trustees which is comprised of individuals from a cross-section of the community.  
Jill Stewart, Chorus Director since 2017, has been part of the BCC family for much longer as a chorus parent for Allison and Paige, and as an instructor for Karussell Kids and Singenspiel. Jill has been a member of the Blinn College Music Faculty since 1997 where she currently serves as Instrumental Music Coordinator and teaches applied clarinet and Sight Singing for freshmen and sophomore music majors. She received her degrees in Clarinet Performance and Music Education as well as a Masters in Clarinet Performance from Texas Tech University. She has been a member of the symphony orchestras in Lubbock, Abilene, San Angelo, Big Spring, and Roswell, NM, and has served as Principle Clarinetist with the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra here at home since 1999. She has also performed with numerous chamber and musical theater orchestras across Texas. She lives in Brenham with her husband Brian who is Director of Bands for Giddings ISD and their two daughters, Allison, a Texas A&M University 2021 graduate, and Paige, a sophomore at Brenham High School.

Julie Steen, Singenspiel Director, Chorus Assistant Director, a Houston Baptist University Graduate with majors in Art, Physical Education and Psychology. She has over 26 years of teaching all ages in private and public school in a variety of subjects. Ms. Steen has had a variety of musical performance experiences. While attending HBU, she was a member of FOCUS, the school's traveling musical ministry team. She spent two years with the North American Baptist Conference's musical ministry team, New Day, touring throughout the USA and Canada. She has worked with ensembles at Houston's First Baptist Church, directed children's ensembles and productions at various churches, and worked as music coordinator and leader at summer camps and Bible schools. She currently teaching drama at Brenham Junior High School. Julie has been with the Brenham Children's Chorus since its organization. All three of her children have been charter members of the different choirs with the Chorus: Children's Chorus, BBK, Singenspiel and Bravo. 

Amy Bentke, Choreographer, former owner of Aspirations Gymnastics and Dance Studio, Mrs. Amy has been dancing since the age of two and a half years of age and teaching since she was thirteen. A native of Brenham, she has extensive choreography experience with church and school musicals and programs. In addition to working with the Brenham Children's Chorus, Mrs. Bentke has worked as a choreographer for school musicals at the Brenham High School and Brenham Christian Academy.  She has also assisted in choreography for the Brenham Maifest Coronations. Mrs. Amy is employed at St. Paul’s Christian Day School. She has worked with the children there for 25 years in many different areas as music teacher, PE teacher, different age level assistants and for the past 4 years in the 12-month-old program where she has found her love in the classroom.  

Jennifer Patrick, Theatre Director of Brenham Broadway Kids and Broadway Kids Chorus, is thrilled to be returning for another year with Brenham Broadway Kids. She began working with BCC as Set and Lighting Designer for Honk! Jr.She has now directed musicals for the BBK & BCC since 2007. She is currently an adjunct theatre instructor at Blinn College.  She designs costumes and hair/make-up for all the Blinn productions.  Jennifer has loved being a part of the Blinn Faculty Showcases as an actor: Steel Magnolias and Arsenic & Old Lace; and as a director: Greater TunaThe Odd Couple and The Island of Dr. Moreau. She has also designed costumes for Unity Theatre. Some of her previous designs at Unity include: On Golden Pond, Harvey, Taming of the Shrew, Sander's Family Christmas, The Christmas Schooner, and The Odd Couple.  Through Community Education of Brenham, Jennifer teaches theatre and acting classes for all ages.  Mrs. Patrick has a BFA in Theatre from Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX, and an MFA in the Theatre Design from the University of North Carolina in Greensboro.

Deidra Mearns, Karussell Kids Teacher, teaches music classes to children ranging in age from 12 months through 4th grade at St. Paul’s Christian Day School. She is the coordinator/director of the school's various programs and musical theatre productions throughout the year. “Mrs. Deidra” co-owned a gymnastics and dance studio for 28 years; and she has been involved in community theatre, church choirs as director and cantor, director of children's choirs and liturgical movement troupes. She enjoys working with all ages: choreography for weddings, adult Country and Western dance classes, choreography for Maifest coronations, and choreography for Brenham High School Musicals and Unity Theatre. "Mrs. Deidra" loves to go to the ballet, the movies, musicals, and Christian concerts. 

Pam Bennett Young, Founding Artistic Director, was the original director of the Chorus in 2002. A graduate of the Baylor University School of Music, she had experiences in vocal music, directing, teaching and performance for many years. She performed in a variety of venues from musical theatre at Stages in Houston and Unity Theatre in Brenham to classical halls in South America and commercial recording studios in the United States.

Pam retired from BCC after 15 years and retired from teaching public school music in 2017 after 39 years of service. The high school choirs under her direction received sweepstakes ratings each year, and she is the founding director of elementary chorus programs in several public-school districts. While her last twenty years of teaching were spent at Krause Elementary School in Brenham, she taught music in such diverse locations as the fifth ward in Houston to the island of Java in Indonesia. Pam loves to sing and share her gift of music. Pam has been married to her childhood sweetheart, Bob Young, for 47 years and has two sons.
Rosellyn McIver, Executive Director for the Brenham Children’s Chorus, has directed children’s church choirs in Arkansas, West Virginia, and San Antonia and she served on the Board of Directors and the Parent Executive Board of The Children’s Chorus of San Antonio. Rosellyn taught and directed private schools in Early Childhood Education in New Orleans, Arkansas, West Virginia, and San Antonio, Texas. Rosellyn has 3 grown daughters and two granddaughters. Her daughter Mary Elisabeth was a Chorus intern and the Chorus music librarian. She has loved being a part of the Chorus family since 2005.

Chris Dougan, Administrative Assistant is the mother of three very busy children.  Music is a big part of family life at the Dougan house. Her daughter Colleen is a founding member of both the Brenham Children’s Chorus and Brenham Broadway Kids. Chris enjoys working in the office of the Brenham Children’s Chorus and being a part of the success it brings to all the choristers.
Regular rehearsal days, times, and locations are announced at the beginning of the year and as they become available. Extra rehearsals may be called by the Chorus Director. During the school year, rehearsals are held once a week at the Community Education Building. The week of the performance, extra rehearsals are scheduled.

The Chorus rehearsal schedule follows the Brenham Independent School District Calendar. There will be no rehearsal on scheduled BISD holidays or waiver days. When BISD does not have school because of bad weather or health precautions due to Covid-19, the Chorus does not have rehearsal. The rehearsal schedule is determined by the Chorus Staff. In addition to concerts in the Brenham area, the Chorus also provides opportunities for travel and performing outside the local community.

Performances and special activities will be announced as soon as they become available and are dependent on the status of the transmission of Covid-19 and the availability of performance venues.

During Chorus rehearsals, the choristers are involved in learning new music and performance skills under the direction of the artistic staff. Parental involvement in the Chorus is encouraged through participation in fundraising, chaperoning, or other Chorus activities. Due to the limitations of the rehearsal space, we are unable to offer a waiting area for parents. Parents are encouraged to contact the office staff at 979-277-3897 with questions or concerns regarding attendance, absences, uniforms, tuition payments, or schedules.

Chorus Members and Parents Singers and parents are asked to follow these guidelines:

  1. Arrive in plenty of time to pick up new music and memos.
    1. Mrs. Stewart’s Motto:  If you are early, you’re on time. If you are on time, you’re late. If you are late - you’re in big trouble, Mister!
    2. Please pick up your child promptly at the conclusion of the rehearsal. If you are late, your child will never be left alone; however, you will be delaying the departure of a BCC staff member or chaperone that has other commitments.  
    3. Please plan doctor’s appointments, dentist appointments, etc. on a non-rehearsal day and try not to pick your child up early from rehearsal. Children should remain for the entire rehearsal. When children leave the rehearsal early, they miss important preparation time and it is very distracting to the Chorus and staff.
    4. Bring all music to all rehearsals in your music bag unless told otherwise.
    5. Use restroom facilities before rehearsal since no breaks are given during regular rehearsals and singers leaving rehearsal is a distraction.
    6. Gum chewing is not allowed at rehearsal, performances, or on tours. Water bottles are allowed and encouraged.  Choristers should dispose of trash.
    7. At all times show respect for each other, parent volunteers, chaperones, and the facilities. Pay attention to the Musical Directors, Office staff, and Chaperones always, and do not talk or in any way distract other Chorus members.
    8. Behavior at any BCC rehearsal or performance should reflect maturity, respect, and courtesy.  Leave your outside voices outside.
    9. No personal isolation devices (portable music players, headphones, iPods, Gameboys, cell phones, etc.) are allowed at any rehearsal or performance.
    10. If, for any reason, a child cannot actively participate in a rehearsal, the parents should notify office staff and the singers should observe quietly and attentively. This will not be counted as an absence.
    11. Space does not permit parents or other visitors to attend any rehearsals, unless invited by the staff to assist with organizational matters. Choristers are often inhibited and distracted by such visitors.

A Message from the Chorus Director:

  1. Be on time.
  2. Come prepared.
  3. Use restroom before rehearsal.
  4. Take home all information.
  5. No gums or sodas at rehearsal. Yes, to water bottles.
  6. Respect.

Parents: Rehearsals are especially important. Please save Tuesdays for Chorus rehearsal and Mondays for Singenspiel, Karussell Kids, and BBK rehearsals. This is when we are building self-discipline, musicianship, respect for others, and a strong work ethic. Training takes place at rehearsal. While we are having fun, we are building character. Please respect our start and finish times and make every effort for your child to be on time and stay until the end of rehearsal. In addition, please consult the monthly calendar and memos that are sent by email for special rehearsals, concert information, and other Chorus activities. Please check you emails and Reminds frequently.

Parents:  1.
  1. Do not be a stage mom (or dad).
  2. Arrive on time.
  3. Make sure child is prepared: practices at home, has music bag, gets adequate rest the night before a rehearsal or concert.
  4. Pick up on time.


The quest for artistic excellence requires a high level of commitment. Therefore, the Chorus maintains high expectations for attendance and we encourage perfect attendance.

At any time if the Chorus Director feels that the child does not adequately know the music, choreography, or stage direction, the staff may limit the singer’s participation in the concert. While the BCC commitment is extensive, BCC encourages all choristers to participate in their school and religious music programs. Any absences should be reported in advance to the Chorus office in writing, sent by e-mail, or by phone at 979-277-3897.  Please do not contact the Chorus Director regarding absences.  The Chorus office will notify her of absences. The Chorus calendar is set early in the year. Concerts, rehearsals, retreats, and trips are added to the calendar as soon as they are determined and approved. It is the responsibility of the parents to be aware of these scheduled dates.

The following pertains to all absences:
  • All absences should be written, emailed, called, or turned in to the Chorus office (not the directors)
  • The BCC office should be informed of all absences prior to a rehearsal or performance by an adult family member, not the child. It is not the responsibility of the BCC office to contact a family after an absence. The adult family member of the child should contact the Chorus office.
  • Families who believe that they have special circumstances that will result in excessive absences should contact the Chorus Executive Director.

Required Performances

All Chorus performances are required. BCC members are strongly encouraged, but not required to attend BBK productions.


Chorus members’ contracts are for the entire year. The Chorus Director feels very strongly that choristers should be committed to finish what they start.

However, if a chorister is dismissed or must leave the Chorus for any reason, the Chorus office should be notified. All music, practice CDs, folder, and all wardrobe attire should be returned to the Chorus office, clean and in good repair within two weeks of departure from the Chorus. There will be no reimbursement for any fees, costs, or expenses because of a dismissal of a performing member by the Chorus.  The Board of Trustees may in its sole discretion refund some or part of the tuition paid in case of relocation or special circumstances.

Parent Information

The Brenham Children’s Chorus is a highly active organization.   It is essential that Chorus members and parents carefully read information that is emailed, sent by Remind, or posted on the website. If you are absent from rehearsal, contact the Chorus office to find out if music or parent information was distributed. Chorus members are responsible for updating their own rehearsal/performance schedules. Singers and parents receive detailed information before events in memos, e-mails, and Remind. Please refer to these for arrival and dismissal times, food, uniforms, etc. for each event. All this information is sent prior to performances.  If you need clarification or more information, please contact the BCC office, 979-277-3897 or brenhamchildrenschorus@gmail.com.


In the past, we have found that Remind is an effective way to communicate information to parents. Please follow instructions to sign up for Remind or give the office permission to add you to Remind at the beginning of the year. Consistent with the regulations of Remind, singers are not allowed to sign up for Remind unless they are 14 years of age.


Music and a music bag will be issued to each member of the Chorus and members of Singenspiel.  All music is the property of BCC.  Additional music is assigned from time to time during the year.  It is the responsibility of the Chorus member to take good care of the music.  Music is very costly and difficult to replace.  All music should be turned in by the last rehearsal in December and again at the last rehearsal in May.  If music or folder are lost, irreparably damaged, or not returned, an additional fee will be charged to cover replacement costs.  (Music replacement fee is a minimum of $3.00/copy).


Performances require the absolute best in conduct, appearance, and musicianship.
  • Always eat a nutritious meal and get plenty of rest before a concert. Avoid milk, sodas, and peanut butter.
  • Each performance has a "call time" when Chorus members are to arrive.  Since all our performances vary as to location and stage set-up, singers should be on time.
  • All Chorus members must have proper wardrobe attire and appearance. If a singer is not dressed appropriately for concerts or Chorus trips, every effort will be made to correct it and the parent will be notified.

Appearance Requirements:
  • Hair:
    • Girls: For all performances, hair should be pulled back totally off the        face. Clips or a band matching the hair color may be worn. (no sparkles or glitter, please). Singers should bring their own hairbrushes and supplies.
    • Boys: Neat, combed hair, off the face for all performances
  • Jewelry – earrings (other than studs), necklaces and watches are not permitted during performances. No polish on nails, perfumes, or scents other than deodorant, extreme makeup, or accessories.
  • Good personal hygiene is a must for all Chorus members. Deodorant, clean teeth, and clean hair is always expected at any Chorus event.
  • Conduct yourself at all times in a calm, polite, professional manner. Give your undivided attention to the Chorus Directors, Chaperone, Office personnel or person in charge at all times.
  • Parents may attend private performances only when invited to attend.  Some performances for the community are closed events, yet several are open to the public.  There is a fee for tickets to most of our concerts. The sale of our concert tickets helps cover the high cost of producing these concerts. In addition to tickets that you buy for your own family, we ask you to sell tickets to co-workers, neighbors, friends, church members, and anyone else who might enjoy our concerts. There is nothing more motivating to the Chorus than a full house. Every effort must be made to fill what would otherwise be empty seats.
  • When parents are invited to attend special concerts, they should not interfere with the BCC staff, Artistic Staff, chaperones, or other performance personnel, including standing and talking in the concert hall during the rehearsal before the doors are open to the public. This is when concentration is of the utmost importance and any noise, talking, or distractions interfere with the concentration of both the choristers and the Chorus Directors. Any committee work that takes place at this time should be done very quietly.


The Chorus staff is concerned about the welfare of your child.  We will make certain that the choristers are adequately supervised, but please note that the children are in the direct care and supervision of the staff when they sign in at the Community Ed Building.  With the help of chaperones, parents are responsible for ensuring that the children arrive safely to their vehicle after leaving the rehearsal. The staff and parent chaperones will do everything possible to make drop off and pick up as smooth and safe as possible, but there is no substitute for parents ensuring that children arrive in the rehearsal room safely and on time and return to their cars afterwards. Directions from the chaperones should always be followed. All parent chaperones must fill out a Consent to Background Check.

Supervision of Choristers

Whenever and wherever Brenham Children’s Chorus gathers to rehearse or perform on stage, the choristers are under the supervision of the Artistic and Administrative Staff. When the Chorus is in transit, touring, waiting, eating, moving, in a holding area, or backstage before or after a rehearsal or concert, the choristers are under the direct supervision of the adult chaperones. The children are expected to respond appropriately and immediately to all directions from the Artistic and Administrative Staff and adult chaperones.

The Chorus is committed to providing the appropriate number of chaperones at each rehearsal and performance. Because the safety of your child and every child in the Chorus is one of main concern, the Chorus Directors defer to the chaperones regarding dismissal of the children or permission to leave the group for any reason. Parents are expected to defer to the chaperones by following the safety rules, including the permission to leave the group procedure, and sign-in/sign-out rules. Parents are expected to discuss and reinforce these concepts with their child.

Before and after all performances and bus trips, choristers will be signed in and out by a parent. Permission to leave with someone other than a parent must be requested ahead of time by written note, email, or phone call to the office, and be communicated to the office personnel.  Last minute arrangements are discouraged.

Policies Prohibiting Discrimination

General: The Brenham Children’s Chorus (hereafter BCC) is committed to providing a safe and respectful learning and working environment that is free from harassment, discrimination, abuse, intimidation and/or violence. No enrolled student, employee or volunteer shall be discriminated against based on age, color, disability, national origin, race, religion, sex, or sexual orientation, and all other classifications protected by law, in the administration of Chorus policies, tuition assistance programs, employment policies or practices, and all programs administered by BCC; or in its employment practices.

Sexual Misconduct: The Brenham Children’s Chorus in the operation of all its programs will not tolerate any sexual abuse or sexual misconduct toward or by any enrolled student, employee or volunteer.

Sexual abuse and sexual misconduct shall be interpreted to mean any sexual interaction between a Chorus student and any other person (including another student) in a position of power over the student.  Specific acts may include, but are not limited to, inappropriate physical contact, exposing of oneself, enticing others to expose themselves, or any other behavior of a sexual nature that is unwelcome.

Unless authorized in advance by the Executive Director, adult staff and volunteers shall not:

  1. Be isolated with a student on Chorus premises, when transporting a student, or at any other Chorus activity.
  2. Engage in off-site communications of a sexual nature with students. Such interactions may include, but are not limited to telephone conversations, texting, email or communication through other internet means.

Any suspected or reported sexual abuse or misconduct will be treated as a serious matter and documented by written incident report to the Executive Director within 24 hours, who will report the incident to the President of the Board of Trustees.  When the  Board of Trustees deems it appropriate, the incident will be reported to law enforcement authorities.  Strict confidentiality will be maintained in connection with all such communications.


Just as the ensemble sound is important, so is the ensemble appearance.  A well-groomed, neat ensemble is essential for a truly professional and artistic experience.

Because of the generosity of our patrons, we are able to provide the wardrobe without asking parents to purchase these items. Concert attire provided to you by BCC is the property of the BCC.  These outfits are costly to replace, so we ask you to take extreme care in the use of these outfits.  They are not to be worn for any reason other than for BCC performances and events.  At the end of the Chorus year, uniforms should be cleaned, pressed, on a hanger, and turned in to the Chorus office.  The Chorus parent will be held financially responsible for the loaned outfits. When turning in your child’s uniform, please attach his/her name!

Sometimes the Chorus will wear items other than those included in the casual uniform wardrobe. Occasionally they will be asked to wear choir t-shirts or polo shirts (provided) or blue jeans instead of slacks for their performances. The uniform requirements will always be made clear either by newsletter, memo, or during rehearsals prior to the performance.


             See page 4.5 (under Performance) for hair and general appearance requirements.


BCC Polos

The purple or blue polo and black slacks are worn when the Chorus Director wants to portray a more casual look and is provided by the Chorus.

The purple or blue polo shirt with the Brenham Children’s Chorus logo on the front comes in Youth small, medium, and large: and Adult small, medium, large, XL, XXL, and XXXL. It is the parent’s responsibility to notify the Chorus office of the correct size. Shirts should not be baggy or oversized.  The polo shirts are washable in cold water and usually don’t require ironing if they are removed from the dryer quickly.


Members of Singenspiel will receive a red Singenspiel t-shirt when they join. During performances, these t-shirts will be worn with black uniform slacks, black flat closed-toe shoes, black socks, and a black belt with small buckle and no decorations. The black slacks are provided and ordered by the Chorus and come in slim, regular, and plus sizes are available for girl and husky available for boys. The parent will be responsible for hemming the slacks to the appropriate length. Slacks should be hemmed by hand or with hemming tape. Please do not use heavy duty tape or hot glue to hem the slacks. Members of the wardrobe committee will measure the singers to determine the correct size needed. See below for care and laundering.

Formal Vest, Mandarin Shirt, and Slacks: BCC

This uniform is worn for a more formal look. The vest, Mandarin shirt, and black slacks are provided and paid for by the Chorus.

The reversible vests with the Brenham Children’s Chorus logo embroidered on the front are locally sewn. The wardrobe committee will measure the singers to determine the correct size. The vest should be cleaned professionally to prevent shrinking and wrinkling. Please do not wash the vests!

The white, long sleeved Mandarin shirt is provided by and paid for by the Chorus.  The sleeves should be buttoned at the tightest hole and the button at the neck should be buttoned and comfortable. The shirt is machine washable and dryable and should be ironed for a neater look.

The black slacks are provided and ordered by the Chorus. Slim, regular, and plus sizes are available for girls. For boys, slim, regular, or husky sizes are available. The parent will be responsible for hemming the slacks to the appropriate length. Slacks should be hemmed by hand or with hemming tape. Please do not use heavy duty tape or hot glue to hem the slacks. Members of the wardrobe committee will measure the singers to determine the correct size needed.

Baggy, hip hugger, or oversized slacks will not be permitted. If a singer’s uniform does not fit, parents should notify the wardrobe committee and the Chorus office as soon as possible. If uniform items have to be ordered at the last minute and express mailing is necessary, the parent may be responsible for the cost of postage. These slacks are machine washable in cold water and dryable, but may look neater if they are professionally cleaned and pressed.

BCC: Black jazz shoes, black socks that cover the ankles or black trouser socks, and a black, well fitting, belt with small buckle and no decorations are required as part of the BCC uniform. Parents are required to provide and pay for these items. Black jazz shoes will be ordered and purchased through the Chorus office. Jazz shoes from previous choristers may be available. No child will be permitted to perform with a wrinkled or soiled uniform. use on trips because it helps the chaperones identify members of the group. Chorus or Singenspiel t-shirts are given to the singers when they join the Chorus. The t-shirt is washable in cold water and dryable and shouldn’t require ironing if it is removed from the dryer quickly. The t-shirt does not need be turned in at the end of the year, but as sizes change should be exchanged.  We would encourage choristers who have no further use for the t-shirt, to donate it to the Chorus.


Plese keep in mind that children grow at amazing rates. The uniform may fit perfectly at the beginning of the season, but by the next concert, it might be too small or short. Please check for this well before concert week so arrangements can be made to replace the outgrown item.


End of Year Return

At the end of the Chorus year, each chorister must return all uniform items, music folder and all music to the Chorus office or other location determined by the Chorus office. Uniforms must be clean, on hangers, and labeled with the chorister’s name. The parent will be billed for any necessary laundering. Uniform items not returned or returned in poor condition will be billed to the parent.

The purpose of the Brenham Children’s Chorus is to teach children to achieve high artistic standards through choral singing and performance.  An equally important aspect of the Chorus is the nurturing and growth of discipline, responsibility, teamwork, and self-confidence.  The Brenham Children’s Chorus is an exemplary children’s program with a lifelong benefit for each child.

BCC – Grades 4 - 8

  • Singers in grades 4 – 8 as of September 1, 2021
  • Tuesdays, 4 – 5:30 pm, August - May

  • Community Education Building
  • Bus transportation available from BISD schools

  • $25 Enrollment fee, non-refundable (includes tuition assistance recipients)
  •  $40 a month for 10 months (August - May), total $400
  • Tuition due on the 15th of each month
  • Pay with cash, check, or online at www.brenhamchildrenschorus.com (online tuition plan, not PayPal, fees apply)

  • Winter Overnight retreat: January 28 - 30, 2022 at Cathedral Oaks, Weimar
  • Uniform and Chorus t-shirt
  • Music, Instruction, Insurance on singers, supplies

  • Each family is expected participate in Chorus fundraisers or donate the Fundraiser profit amount to the Chorus

Singenspiel – Grades 2-3

  • Singers in grades 2 - 3 as of September 1, 2021

  • Mondays, 4 – 5 pm, August - May

  • Community Education Building
  • Bus transportation available from BISD schools

  • $25 Enrollment fee, non-refundable (includes tuition assistance recipients)
  • $25 a month for 10 months (August - May), total $250
  • Tuition due on the 15th of each month
  • Pay with cash, check or online at www.brenhamchildrenschorus.com (online tuition plan, not PayPal, fees apply)

  • Uniform slacks and Singenspiel t-shirt
  • Music, Instruction

  • Each family is expected participate in Chorus fundraisers or donate the fundraiser profit amount to the Chorus

Karussell Kids – Grades K – 1st

  • Singers in grades K – 1st as of September 1, 2021

  • Mondays, 4 – 4:45 pm, September - May

  • Community Education Building

  • Wednesdays, 3:30 – 4:15 pm, September – May
    • St. Paul’s Christian Day School (St. Paul’s students only)

Bus transportation available from BISD schools

  • $25 Enrollment fee, non-refundable (includes tuition assistance recipients)
  • $25 a month for 8 months (September - April), total $200
  • Tuition due on the 15th of each month
  • Pay with cash, check, or online at www.brenhamchildrenschorus.com (tuition plan, not PayPal, fees apply)

  • Karussell Kids t-shirt
  • Music, Instruction, supplies, insurance on singers

  • Each family is expected participate in Chorus fundraisers or make a donation to the Chorus for the profit amount
Brenham Broadway Kids – BBK

  • Singers in grades 5 – 8
  • Singers must also participate in Chorus to be a part of BBK

  • Mondays, 4 – 5:30 pm
  • Community Education Building
  • Bus transportation available from BISD Schools
  • $25 Enrollment fee, non-refundable (includes tuition assistance recipients)
  • $25 a month for 8 months (September – April), total $200
  • Tuition due on the 15th of each month
  • Pay with cash, check, or online at www.brenhamchildrenschorus.com (tuition plan, not PayPal, fees apply)

Generally, parents are responsible for payment of the entire amount if the child drops out mid-year. The Chorus invests funds to provide music and uniforms for each chorister who enrolls. Any partial refund of tuition is determined by the Chorus Board of Trustees.

For BCC and Singenspiel, monthly payments begin in August to keep monthly payments lower and to allow for purchasing music and uniforms for singers. Please make checks payable to the Brenham Children’s Chorus or BCC. Checks can be mailed to Brenham Children’s Chorus, P.O. Box 2274, Brenham, Texas 77834.

Parents can set up an online tuition payment plan at www.brenhamchildrenschorus.com -Tuition Payments tab, not PayPal. Fees apply.


Tuition fees include the use of:
  • Uniform slacks
  • Uniform shirt & vest
  • Music & Instruction
  • Chorus t-shirt
  • Retreat fees
  • August Music Camp
  • Insurance on singers

Singenspiel and Karussell Kids

Tuition fees include the use of:
  • Uniform slacks (Singenspiel)
  • Singenspiel or KKids t-shirt
  • Music
  • Instruction
  • Insurance on singer
  • Supplies

Tuition does not cover:
  • Shoes, Socks
  • Belt
  • Any additional concert shirts which may be needed

For more information, contact Chorus office 979-277-3897 or brenhamchildrenschorus@gmail.com
Every parent of a Brenham Children’s Chorus member is expected to participate in the life of the Chorus by volunteering to serve on at least one committee.  Parent volunteers help keep the cost of operating the Chorus at a minimum.  The following is a list of the committees and their function.

Box Office Committee

Job Description:

Take care of ticket sales, handing out programs, and ushering at each concert or venue as needed:
  • Using Sign-Up Genius, volunteer to sell tickets at the concerts, hand out programs, and usher
  • Arrive 1 hour prior to concert. (doors open 30 minutes prior to concert)
  • Sell tickets at the will call tables. (Office will bring)
  • Hand out programs at each concert. (Office will bring)
  • Ushers assist with handicap and available seating.
  • Hold ticket money until office staff picks up.

Chaperone Committee

Job Description:

Organize and supervise singers when not under Artistic Staff direction.
  • Weekly car line list will be provided by the Office Staff for each ensemble. All parents are expected to do car line after rehearsals.
  • Using Sign-Up Genius, volunteer to chaperone concerts and other Chorus activities.
  • Keep all information on singers confidential.
  • Be aware of and plan for security risks and safety concerns for each event.
  • Communicate with the Chorus office staff of any needs, questions arising with chaperone volunteers, and singers.
  • Chaperones and volunteers for trips are required to complete a confidential background check to be done by the Texas Department of Public Safety or some other law enforcement agency. (BCC office maintains the forms and requests.)

Publicity Committee

Job Description:

Work with the BCC office to help distribute publicity to area businesses, schools, churches, etc.
  • Flyer handouts – Post flyers and rack cards at area businesses. This is done 3 weeks prior to each concert.  The Chorus office will provide a list of businesses that are willing to post our fliers, season brochures, and rack cards.
  • At the beginning of the season, distribute season brochures to area businesses and the Washington County Chamber of Commerce (list provided by Chorus office)

Event/Rehearsal Refreshments Committee

Job Description: Chairman

Plans and serves refreshments/meals for any rehearsals and concerts as requested.
  • Plans the logistics for what refreshments/meals will be served before concerts and performances when needed.
  • Using Sign-Up Genius, chairman should sure there are enough parents to help serve snacks or meals at Chorus events.
  • Plan, purchase supplies for, and prepare meals for choristers, chaperones, and staff at the annual music camp and winter retreat. Parent chaperones will be available for help during camp and the retreat.
  • Be responsible for ordering the food, setup of the food and cleanup for the end of the year celebration.
  • Foods not to be served prior to a concert: peanut butter, chocolate, carbonated drinks, milk, sugary treats.

Wardrobe Committee   Job Description:

Maintain a wardrobe library and its distribution to Chorus members.
  • Distribute uniforms to singers (correct fitting) and record the clothing article, size, and measurement that is issued to the singer. Note any flaws on the clothing article so when returned it can be addressed if necessary.  Parents are responsible for any piece of clothing not returned and if something comes back unusable.  The distribution and return process should be coordinated with the Chorus office.
  • Special note: When singers are not dressed correctly, every effort will be made to adjust the uniform so they can perform. The parent will be notified of any uniform deficiencies.
  • Inform parents not to alter the uniforms by cutting, taping (duct tape), or gluing hems of the pants. Pants should be hemmed to an appropriate length.

Concession Committee

Job Description:

Manage the sale of concession items at concerts at the O’Donnell Center
  • Using Sign-up Genius, volunteer to staff concession before, at intermission, and after the concert
  • The Chorus office will provide change and food items
  • Notify the administrative staff of any inventory needs for the event
  • Arrive one hour before the concert to set up and prepare

Approximately 25% of the operating budget comes from parents' tuition payments and the remainder comes from grants, donations, and fundraising efforts.  The Board of Trustees is responsible for major fundraising, but Chorus parents are asked to help. Without an effective fundraising effort, the activities of the Chorus would be limited, and the Chorus would not be able to operate as effectively.

  • Direct mailing to individuals (previous donors, musicians, parents, and "friends" of the Chorus)
  • Proposals to foundations, civic organizations, music societies and corporations
  • Grant requests to local, state, and federal organizations and private foundations
  • Sale of tickets to Chorus concerts
  • One or two drive thru dinners a year

In short, a lot! Specifically, parents can:
  • For the individual fundraising effort:
  • Make a (tax deductible) donation yourself (if you donate, check to see if your employer will match it).
  • Post concert information on social media. Concert announcements and posters will be provided by the Chorus office.
  • Encourage your employer to purchase an ad for our concert programs. If you own your own business, consider purchasing an ad.
  • For our fundraisers:
    • Participate by selling tickets and helping at the event – or donate the Fundraiser profit amount to the Chorus if you are unable to participate
  • For our proposals to organizations that fund the arts:
    • If you think the company you work for may be interested in supporting us, put us in touch with the appropriate company representative.
  • For our concerts:
    • In addition to the tickets you buy for your own family, sell tickets to people you know who would enjoy watching the Chorus perform. Filling what would otherwise be empty seats adds greatly to our revenue.

NOTE: We are a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible.