Thursday , 6/13

7:02pm – Alright. I’m tired. What a great day!! Dinner was loads of fun, but now it’s time for bed. We’re headed to the hotel to catch some zzzz… and get ready for another fun packed day.

Goodnight everyone! (Be on the lookout for the sideshow in the morning)

6:53pm – Sean Apple, the live musician, was kind enough to share his stage for an impromptu chorus set! They rocked it as usual.

5:50pm – Menu choices for dinner we’re ribs, chicken tenders, catfish, and shrimp. What would you choose? I going with the ribs. Will report back

5:49pm – We were sent another version of the cool kids table from lunch. Can you spot the difference?


5:39pm – Tambourine solo!!

5:37pm – Live musician interacting with the chorus and giving us a good show!

5:29pm – My gut tells me this is gonna taste good.

5:14pm – Everyone was very engaged in the Civil Rights Museum. We could have spent another 2 hours inside. Next up, dinner at Blue City Cafe! BBQ time!

3:01pm – Arrived at the Civil Rights Museum.

2:42pm – THEY WERE AMAZING!!! First performance was a success! Now off to the Civil Rights Museum.


2:08pm – Performance stage at the Hard Rock. Performance starting soon!

12:27pm – The cool kids table.

12:22pm – Hard Rock Memphis! Lunch time and our first performance coming up.


11:05am – Learning the history of music in Memphis.

10:33am – How ’bout these 8th graders? Or rather high schoolers?????

BTW, I will upload a slide show of pics for each day every night before I go to sleep. I will collect pictures from all the chaperones. Be on the look out.

10:24am – Made it to our first stop! Our tour guide, Emily, has joined us. Time for the Rock n Soul Museum.

8:49am – Blurry Amy cam.

8:46am – On the bus. Everyone is happy and conversing. Hope y’all are having a good day too!

8:15am – Back on the road to Memphis!

8:04am – Reminder that if you’re only reading the updates on the tour blog main page, you’re missing stuff. Click on the title day to see all the stuff! Each day will have a separate entry.

7:15am – Everyone looks so alert!

6:49am – They let us in early!! The next update will include pics of the beautiful children.6:39am – Overheard by a chaperone, “I wish the challenges could get in there early so there chaperones could start drinking coffee.” I agree!!6:20am – Here’s the situation. We have been way too efficient. We have arrived at the Golden Corral, but they open at 7! We’re hangin’ on the bus, many of us are still sleeping and the rest of us still want to be. Except for those of us that just really want to EAT.

3:52am – Rosellyn is being official and making sure no one is left behind!Next stop, food. Yay!

3:34am – We made it to Texarkana for a brief stop.

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