Saturday 6/15

6:48pm – Almost Showtime!!! The warm-up woman gave is a shout-out!

6:34pm – Tonight’s Opry line-up:

6:26pm – The Opry performance went great! I mean, of course it did. The bottom picture is the choir we line danced with a the WildHorse Saloon.

5:29pm – Dinner was awesome! The steak was almost too good. But, the best part of dinner was when another group cane into the group room. They were a group of older tourists (grey hairs) that are also going to the show tonight. So, the chef decided our kids had to sing for them and they did! A beautiful, a capella version of I Can’t Help Falling in Love. So beautiful! I don’t have a pic yet because my phone was in the bus charging. Now we are headed to the big Opry performance and the Opry show! Another epic day.

3:44pm – Another great museum. Off to dinner at the Santa Fe Cattle Company and then back to the Grand Ole Opry!!

2:46pm – Another great show for a great crowd! Now to visit the museum.

1:58pm – WildHorse Saloon was blast! Now headed to Country Music Hall of Fame. We perform and visit the museum.

1:33pm – Line dance lesson time!

1:31pm – Brenham cheering on a choir from PA. And, the sing right after us tonight at the Grand Ole Opry!


1:10pm – Fun had by all.

1:03pm – Two different choir groups are here dancing.

12:43pm – Getting into the dancing mood.

12:30pm – A little live entertainment! Whiskey Cash and Roses.

12:17pm – This place is huge. That’s us eating and watching the festivities from above.

12:07pm – Line dancers at the WildHorse Saloon! We get to do that after we eat.

11:41am – Next up, WildHorse Saloon for lunch and line dancing!!

11:31am – The Chorus is a family with lasting friendships.

11:22am – The backstage tour was so great!!!

10:00am – The backstage tour has started!


8:51am – The food was as good as this view.

8:41am – Our first event of the day is a backstage tour of the Grand Ole Opry. Then lunch.Parts of a successful tour: ||: eat, look at and learn about cool stuff, eat, perform, eat, bed :||We got it all!8:12am – Good morning!! Time for breakfast at this beautiful Gaylord Resort.

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